Treating the Candidate Journey Like Your Customer Journey

Nina White January 22, 2020 0 Comments

When we talk about recruitment marketing, a lot of the same principles translate from standard marketing. Instead of selling a product or service, you’re selling your workplace to prospective candidates. Just as your company’s marketing team spends time researching customer motivations and desires, your HR and recruiting team need to figure out who you’re trying to hire and map the candidate journey.

The following steps can help guide you through this process. Once you figure out who you are targeting, what they desire, and what their major pain points are, you can adjust your recruiting process accordingly. This way, you’ll get the top applicants and ensure they have a pleasant experience throughout.


Develop Your Personas

Just as with traditional sales and marketing, you need to segment your audience.  Not everyone will be applying to your positions from the general public. Therefore, you need to create personas to represent the types of people who you are trying to get to apply.  Start by analysing your current workforce. Figure out who has been hired recently, what positions are currently open, and what is projected.  Use data to figure out the demographic splits at each level.

Once you have determined how many personas you need to guide your recruiting marketing, then start getting at what makes them tick. If one of your categories is fresh university graduates for your entry level roles, find some new hires and go talk to them.  Ask them what brought them to work for you, how they’re finding the company, and how they felt going through the recruitment process. This way you can find out what this particular group favors and what is likely to bring others like them into your application funnel.


Reach Your Applicants

Once you’ve figured out who you are trying to attract to your recruitment funnel, find out where they are. Most candidates will already be in jobs and not too active on job boards or LinkedIn.  You’ll need to reach these passive candidates on channels they visit in their spare time. If you’re looking to attract younger applicants, you might want to focus on Instagram or Snapchat. Create some short videos that encourage them to visit your Careers page and blast these across their stories.  Make sure your pixels are set up and you’ll be able to remarket to these candidates on other channels like Youtube or Google’s Display Network.

Don’t forget offline venues as well.  Job fairs, college career offices, and open hour events are great ways to humanize your company to applicants. Use brochures and swag to show off your fun company personality!


Communication is Key

Once the application is submitted, make sure you’re following up. Automation can help immensely here with the candidate journey by saving your team time and also providing immediate feedback to the applicant.  One of the main frustrations with looking for jobs is the lack of communication.  Candidates aren’t getting feedback after they apply and it seems like the hard work and effort they put into curating their cover letter has disappeared down  a black hole.

On your Careers page, you can provide a general timeline of hiring. If candidates aren’t hearing back after a week or so, they might get anxious. Explaining clearly to them that your process takes a few weeks will put them at ease, if that’s the case.


Map the Candidate Journey

Just as with customers, you’ll want to make the application process straightforward and easy.  If you’ve met with recent hires, you will have some feedback from them on the process.  Ensure you’re providing enough information throughout the journey.  Take care that you’re not asking for repeated information–nothing is more annoying than attaching your CV and then a company asking you to retype everything again!

If it’s helpful to you to have a visual representation, try using something like a Candidate Persona Map. It’s similar to a customer map, but it tracks the needs and journey of the candidates instead.

After someone goes through the application process, successful or not, consider a follow-up email. You can include a short survey here and solicit anonymous feedback on their experience.


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