So what’s an EVP and why do you need to know?

Muireann Beasley January 13, 2020 0 Comments

So what’s an EVP and why do you need to know about it?

In this current period of low unemployment we’re hearing noise we’ve never heard before. It’s become increasingly hard to separate the gold from the jargon. But take it from us, an EVP is an abbreviation that you need to know. Regardless of whether you have created an ’employee value proposition’ or not, you still have one. While it might be de facto, it’s true that all brands have an existing reputation when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

An employee value proposition is essentially the answer to two simple questions. Firstly, what does an individual expect from your company? And secondly what do you as a hiring company want from your potential candidates? These two questions merge to outline exactly what an EVP is.

So here’s the golden question how do you create an EVP for your brand that stands out from the masses?

An example of factors candidates consider when researching employers. 

1.Know what you currently offer.

Every company has amazing attributes. Before you set about creating your EVP from scratch have a long think about what the existing elements are that make your company great. Ask around with existing employees. If you have a great talent network who walk into work smiling then ask them what factors get them up in the morning. You’re current offering is important to consider when you’re thinking of moving forward with employer branding.

2.Do your research.

While talking to existing talent will help you hone your brand narrative, it’s equally as important to ask past and potential employees about their experiences. Oftentimes, talent leaves a certain company for reasons completely beyond the company’s control. It’s worth sending an email to the employees who have gone before to see what elements they liked and indeed what elements they didn’t like. Potential employees are also a gold mine of niche information. Don’t be afraid to ask potential candidates why they genuinely want to work for your brand, you’re sure to find some great answers. This is a fantastic opportunity for qualitative research.

3.Dissect your data.

When you have carried out this qualitative research it’s time to get down to business. Dissect this data, review it and strategically pin point where your differentiation lies. After accumulating this information you should get a keen sense of what makes your brand different and why that’s appealing to key talent? Now it’s time to write. Produce a narrative around this EVP  and add some sparkle.

4.Promote it.

When you have a tangible EVP constructed then it’s time to think about channels. How are you going to articulate this EVP to talent both active and passive. Are you going to revamp your social media and finally start capturing those great days in the office on video? Are you going to go to universities and preach to upcoming talent about your amazing benefits. Or are you going to hire a specialist in employer branding to incorporate a multitude of channels? The decision is yours but it’s time to get going and tell the world! Watch those hires flood in.

Marketing is recruitment’s most dynamic tool. If you want to know more about how we can do the heavy lifting when it comes to your employer branding strategy then get in touch with Recruit M!

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