They’re out there: your perfect candidates. And we know where and how to connect with them. 

Turn to us for the full range of highly customized services—from impartial recommendations to targeted outreach in traditional and emerging media to data metrics and analytics.

Media Strategy Development

A media mix that connects with the talent you seek, whether they’re actively looking for jobs or not.

From traditional to online, job boards to aggregators, SEM and programmatic to geofencing, social media and PR. We know how, where, and when to engage the talent you need.
Digital Media Buying and Placement. 

Put our strong media relationships, buying power, and expertise to work for you. Our understanding informs our purchasing. A compelling online media presence is key to recruitment marketing success. From SEO and SEM … to targeted Facebook and LinkedIn posts ... to behavioral and contextual targeting … we’ve got you covered. 

What are your hiring needs? We’ll execute on them, and move beyond to address everything from employer brand building down to geo-fencing for a particular area, audience, or event.
Programmatic Job Ads 

Your dedicated programmatic team will purchase, place, and optimize your jobs. Our in-depth understanding of your objectives is the cornerstone of our programmatic strategy to purchase, place, and optimize your jobs. Your team will help you reach the audiences you want—cost-effectively and with greater impact—through data-based, highly targeted, automated media buying and placement. 

We will segment campaigns, carefully gauge which media deliver better performance, continually optimize bids based on activity, and manage and adjust buys on various media for the best, most cost-efficient results. 
Traditional Media Buying and Placement 

We're recruitment marketing pioneers and we do it better than anyone. You’ve got something to say. Be heard, seen, and recognized by candidates … whether they’re stuck in traffic, waiting on (or in) their bus, streaming radio at work, or catching up on their latest trade magazine. We’ll guide you in being right there for a workforce move. 

We’ll handle creative, placement, and trafficking for print, broadcast and streaming, billboards, and transit advertising. We know the past, present, and future of media buying.

Social Media

An overwhelming percentage of your candidates are online. They expect you to be, too.
To find and keep top talent, you not only need to be present, but also engaging and transparent to spark a meaningful dialogue. Our team of social experts help you increase your presence on the platforms where your candidates and employees share and consume information.We will audit your various social sites, evaluate what is working (and what could work better), make detailed recommendations, and collaborate with you to develop a library of social responses. 

We’ll leverage content that helps you find your voice, be heard, make an impact, and engage with candidates and employees. We assist with content calendar and community management, plus talent community outreach and management. We also assist with paid social campaigns, from sponsored posts to strategic fan acquisition, to company profiles and LinkedIn Life pages.

Talent Community Management

They’re interested. Stay in touch with them.
An opt-in talent community allows you to collect the contact information of people before, during, and after they apply to work for you. Shaker can build a custom solution, or partner with vendors for you. And we can automate and segment communications to target messages as you desire with applicants and external audiences.

Employee Referral Programs

ERPs are still the number 1 source of hires.
Your people are your heartbeat. They are where your employer brand lives. They know what it means to be part of your organization. That’s why referrals generate higher-quality candidates, more cost effectively. ERPs leverage your best ambassadors to connect with right-fit talent and, as they do, reinforce your employer brand. 

We’ll take care of your ERP— from automated processes through optimized front- and back-end user experiences, with branded digital creative, collateral materials, and other tools.

Public Relations

You have a story … and your candidates and employees and communities want to hear it. Our PR team helps you be heard.
Promote your leaders, share your accolades, create buzz around your events, and broadcast what makes you such a unique and special place to work. 

Your team will work with you to uncover your storytelling moments, and assist with press material development and distribution. We also will help you identify spokespeople to tell your stories, conduct spokesperson message training, and assist with crisis preparedness.
Sophisticated data-driven recruitment campaigns, that use A.I to reach and engage targeted candidate profiles across the web and mobile.
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