Reach for the Stars: How to Use Recruitment Marketing to Find Top Talent

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It’s your pride and joy, your livelihood, and your purpose for waking up each morning with a positive attitude. That’s right, we’re talking about your business.

As a business owner, you want your employees to feel the same way. So, how do you inspire this type of loyalty and dedication? 

The first step is hiring the right candidates. As every business owner knows, the hiring process can be tedious and sometimes downright frustrating. We’d be lucky to find a qualified candidate within a short period of time, and even more lucky to find someone who believes in our company and fits in.

Enhancing our recruitment marketing is the first strategy we should improve before we even agree to start interviewing prospects. Quite simply, because quality recruitment leads to quality candidates who have talent, drive, and similar values. 

So, what does quality recruitment marketing look like?

Read on to find out!


Quality Recruitment Marketing 101

Recruiting new hires can be a daunting process. But knowing how to use recruitment marketing to attract top talent to your door makes all the difference. Explore the following ways to use recruitment marketing to your advantage. 


1. Know Your Business

The more you understand your business the higher quality your pool of candidates will be. Start by getting crystal clear on your business’s mission, values, and needs. 

What does your business pride itself in? What is your business’s number one goal? What does your business need to be more successful?

Once you understand your business, then hone in what your business specifically needs in the role you’re hiring for. For example, if you’re hiring for a marketing director position, is it more important for the right candidate to focus on building quality relationships or data-driven results? 


2. Identify Your Target Audience

As business owners, we’re familiar with identifying our target audience in terms of finding the right customer pool. But, we can also use similar techniques to target exactly who we want to hire. 

For example, where might this person live? In your area, within 60 miles, or is remote work acceptable?

What experience does your target recruit audience possess? How many years of experience would you ideally want the right candidate to have?

Is it more important that the candidate holds conservative and traditional business values or progressive ones? 

And lastly, where can you find this candidate? Where are they looking for jobs and how do they find job postings? 

By answering questions like these, we can create a profile our hiring team can then use to narrow down and focus in on a candidate pool. 


3. Assemble Your Team

Once you’re clear about your business’s needs and your target recruitment profile, it’s time to assemble a hiring and recruitment team. Your recruitment team can be composed of people within your organization or outsourced to a company that specializes in recruitment. 

Either way, your team needs to know how to successfully reach candidates, know the latest recruitment trends, and have the ability to seal the deal. The fact of the matter is successfully securing the right candidate is like negotiating a business deal. Rapport needs to be built and the relationship needs to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

In order to achieve this, your team members need to be personable, have great instincts, and know how to effectively listen to you and the candidate. They need to know how to accurately represent your business and conduct themselves in a way that reflects your business’s values and mission. 

Hard skills they would also need are analyzing a resume, interviewing, and professional writing skills. 


4. Internal Candidates

When possible, look to hire candidates internally. A new and shiny candidate may seem like an attractive option, but employees who have already proven their loyalty and dedication to your business may be better long-term fits. 

Keep in mind also that you may have not previously explored all of your internal candidate’s skills and qualifications. By posting the job internally first, you may discover that one of your employees has exactly the skill set you’re looking for even if they’re not currently using this skillset in their current position. 

Before you post the position online, send out an email to your staff about the opening. Either internal candidates will apply or your staff may able to refer a potential hire for the position. Staff referrals are beneficial because the staff member will be able to give the potential hire an honest assessment of the day-to-day duties of the job as well as your company’s culture. 

Use caution when accepting referrals for an opening, however. Some of the referrals you will receive might be people your staff member thinks are great for the job, but ultimately may not have the necessary skills. 


5. Create a Go-To List

As you go about your day-to-day business, take note of potential hires. If there’s someone who you think would be great to work with in the future, add them to a list of potential hires.

Even if they currently have a job, it doesn’t hurt to have them in mind should a position at your company open up. In fact, this could save you a lot of time and effort in the future by cutting out the need to post the job and recruit in the first place. 

You can also look online periodically for potential new hires to add to your list. Even if they are currently employed, their resumes may still be active online. When a position opens up in your company, you can then consider giving them a call to gauge their interest. 

Meeting potential hires before you actually need a position filled is also a great way to prescreen recruits and get to know them. By meeting them in advance, you begin the process of building rapport while also deciding if they would fit in well with your work culture. 


6. Create Mutual Benefit

Great candidates also have high standards. They know what they’re worth and they want to feel secure and valued. 

To get the best candidates you have to be willing to pay them well. At the very least, better than your competitors. 

Benefits such as health insurance and a 401k plan are also enticing for new candidates. The amount of vacation time you can offer them will also help in securing them as a new employee. Lastly, outlining a schedule for the potential of getting a raise or promotion can make a potential candidate feel like they can grow with your company.

Another component to consider offering a potential candidate is the ability to work remotely or on a flexible schedule. Not all candidates may want to work remotely or need to have a flexible schedule but consider if you’re willing to offer these perks for the right candidate. 

Ultimately, when the employment contract is mutually beneficial for your business and the new hire it starts the relationship off right. It lets the new hire know that you value them and their work and that you care about their lives outside of work. It’s also the perfect setup for keeping an employee long-term. 


7.Utilize Social Media

The more a potential hire knows about your company, the better! To better inform and reach potentials hires utilize your social media accounts.

Update your social media on a regular basis with your brand’s message, tone, and mission. This allows potential candidates to identify in advance whether or not their personalities would match your company’s work culture

You can also use your social media accounts to become an authority in your field. By establishing yourself as an authority in your industry you will attract more organic traffic to your accounts. Up and coming candidates or folks currently looking for a job will take you more seriously and be excited to work for your company.

In addition to keeping your social media active, consider creating a social media recruitment marketing campaign. The campaign should communicate the benefits of working for your company, qualities needed for the position, and your business’s goals. Posting a short video about your company and the position is also a great strategy for connecting with potential candidates before they even send in their application. 


8. Speed It Up

Do your best to speed up the hiring process. Always keep in mind the candidates applying for your position are likely applying and interviewing for other positions simultaneously. 

To avoid drawing out the hiring process, set a date to hire and stick to it. Let candidates know in advance what the process entails and when you expect to hire.

If a candidate feels like the process is taking too long, they may not take your company seriously and choose another position instead. By keeping the potential hires informed from the beginning it allows them to make an informed decision about which company they will ultimately choose. 


Feeling Confident About Recruitment Marketing? 

When implementing a recruitment marketing strategy attempt to track and measure its success. Ask candidates and current employees how well the strategy worked and how well your brand came across. By measuring your success, you’ll be more prepared to improve and run another recruitment marketing campaign in the future. 

Always keep in mind that companies can do your recruitment marketing for you! By outsourcing your recruitment marketing, you can save more time running your business and less time worrying about recruiting your next great hire.

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