Total Recruitment Platform & Network for HR Managers

We simplify difficult & time-consuming tasks so you can focus on finding the right person.
We’ve added over 30 new hires in just 6 weeks of starting with Recruit M. That normally would have taken 3 months.
Jason Donoghue
Global HR Manager - Slack

Intelligent talent acquisition, management and tracking from one platform

Recruit M allows you to find the right candidates and manage the entire recruitment process on one powerful, yet simple to use platform. 

Save on average 8+ hours a week during the recruitment process and up to 68% on recruitment costs.
Get to the best talent faster & easier
One click and you can push your job onto key job boards, social media sites, targeted advertising and your careers page
Take the hassle out of onboarding recruiters
Over 150 recruitment agencies for you to compare and choose your specialist recruiter
Leverage built-in A.I. CV Screening
Intelligent CV screening, scoring, matching and profiling to find the perfect candidate. Reduce screening time by 40%
Save Time & Money
Put your company back at the centre of the hiring process, our clients achieve savings of €2,000 per new hire.
Streamline Your Hiring Process
All your hiring needs on one, simple to use platform. Engage with an unlimited talent pool and find the right person.
Work With The Right Recruiter
Our recruitment marketplace enables you to find specialist recruiters at a price that fits your budget.
Sophisticated data-driven recruitment campaigns, that use A.I to reach and engage targeted candidate profiles across the web and mobile.
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