How to build your employer brand online

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First impressions are pivotal and unfortunately they stick more than we care to imagine. In this digital age, first impressions aren’t made in person they’re made online. Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology have found that it takes an online visitor less than 5 seconds to form an opinion of your brand. If you’re looking to attract candidates then you need to make those 5 seconds count. Talent is always scrolling so you need ensure that you brand interrupts them and entices candidates immediately. Here’s how to create a compelling employer brand online.

1.Have your EVP front and center.

When a prospective candidate arrives on your landing page the chances are they are not ready to apply for a role yet . Candidates are looking to be informed, they want to know what it’s like to work at your organisation essentially they want to know the best bits of working for you! Candidates are trying to decipher what you stand for as a business. Have that clean cut evp shining on your page to ensure their research process is streamlined.

2. Utilize multimedia.

A picture speaks a thousand words but apparently a video speaks even more. Candidate applications increase by approximately 34% when a video is included in job ad. Get snap happy! Put you’re best employees in front of the camera. Record testimonials from staff and conduct surveys to decipher what  the best attributes are for staff  at your company then create video content. If you’re having a staff morale day or your just having some in-office pizza then make sure to post it on social!

3. Scope out your online reputation.

The content you control isn’t the only thing people see when they google your business. If you want to know what potential talent thinks of you then you have to do your research. Get on Glassdoor and read the reviews and yes the bad reviews too. Sometimes employees discuss even the smallest of complaints on Glassdoor and these are the details that you have to listen to if you want to make your work environment the best. Employer listening is pivotal here.

4. Build and target candidate personas

You can’t utilise one employer branding strategy for all potential talent. You need to create candidate personas. Every candidate tier has different wants and needs for example a graduate might be looking for a healthy amount of social events. A mid tier candidate might be looking for a good annual leave offering or time in lieu and an experienced or seasoned candidate might be actively scoping for a company with a self actualization offering. Hence you need to segregate your best attributes in to segments and then promote them to the right candidates.

5. Consistency is key

Research from LinkedIn states that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before ever applying for a job, so make sure yours is consistent across all mediums.This consistency feeds in to the candidate journey and it’s always important to have it as coherent as possible.


At Recruit M we know how important it is to stand out from the competition when it comes to talent attraction. If you’re looking to further develop your employer branding strategy or if you want to improve your recruitment marketing, then get in touch with us! 





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