How to activate your employer brand

Muireann Beasley February 24, 2020 0 Comments

A really strong employer brand should establish confidence, loyalty and enthusiasm throughout any organisation by bringing to life a unique and positive organisational culture. Which will in turn help attract the right talent to your organisation. Exhaustive research is required as is benchmarking, testing and validation both internally and externally to promote your organisation in a competitive marketplace.

After going to all that effort it’s crucial to ensure that your employer brand is launched successfully. Here’s some factors to consider in your efforts to activate your employer brand:


An employee’s perception of an authentic business leadership model is the strongest predictor of job satisfaction, and commitment to the organisation and happiness at work.

2. Transparency.

A value based approach to business is increasingly popular. Is your brand transparent with all employees? Do they always feel informed or do they always feel like they’re two steps behind? Secrecy or a lack of communication can be detrimental to employee wellness and your employer brand.

3. Employee- centered. 

The best employers want to provide a positive environment that encourages employees to deliver their best performance. These employers go above and beyond to create an amazing work culture and to ensure there is always room for employee development.

4. Employee advocates.

Identifying employees who are happy and willing to share their experiences is important. Have a conversation about what it is they like about your workplace and indeed what they don’t like. Write it down, it’s important to record true to life opinions on your business for promotion of your employer brand.

5. Ongoing learning.

An ongoing learning curve is so vital when it comes to ensuring optimum performance and attracting talent. Focusing on great employee experience brings so many advantages to employers. It lowers marketing costs as the organisation organically becomes more attractive to potential employees and investors alike. Employee performance also increases as both employer and employee are less stressed. Planning processes are facilitated due to improved retention of employees and all round employer branding is improved.


It’s important to think about the channels used to promulgate brand identities/messages and content carefully tailored to your population. A healthy mix of UGC and polished content is the best hybrid. Employees are less susceptible to highly honed content now. UGC works well but not exclusively. Hence, why it’s good to have a concrete balance.

It’s crucial to place an emphasis on employer branding in the current market place. Talent aren’t fighting for jobs, jobs are in fact fighting for talent. Moving forward the brands who invest in employer branding strategies are the ones who are going to come out on top in the war on talent. To read more employer branding tips click here.

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