Employer Branding

You already have an employer brand. It’s our job to uncover what-and who-you truly are as an employer... and then express it in authentic, relevant ways. 

Thoughtful, impactful creative brand development

Recruit M collaborates with you to identify and express how you are different—the tangibles and intangibles that compose your EVP.
If I were to work for you, what’s in it for me? That’s your employment value proposition.
EVP identification begins with quantitative and qualitative research—focus groups, leadership and executive interviews, employee surveys/online questionnaires, and materials analyses. 

These findings help us to define your collective personality, and fuel creative brand development and strategy.
The EVP sets the stage. Now what do you say? And how, when, and where should you say it?
Let the creative brand development begin! 

Informed by our understanding of who you are and the kinds of people who embody your brand, we collaborate with you to identify your external and internal brand touchpoints, and build high-impact candidate and employee communications in the formats where your audiences consume information—from digital to print, video to text, mobile to out-of-home.
Strategically deliver the right messages … in the right ways and right places.
Your EVP is the thread that weaves through the tapestry of your organization. 

What does it mean to your various audiences? That depends on demographics, disciplines, geographies, and other variables. We tailor goal-relevant, resonant creative—such as diversity messaging and consultation, job branding, college/campus relations, and military outreach and onboarding.

Test messaging variants and find the message that motivates action.
Does your messaging focus on the right things? 

Does it resonate with your desired audience? Is it differentiating? Consistent with perceptions? Let’s test it out before we roll it out.
Sophisticated data-driven recruitment campaigns, that use A.I to reach and engage targeted candidate profiles across the web and mobile.
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