Digital Design & Development

Where high-end design meets ultimate user experience, seamless functionality and total talent solutions. 

Custom Digital Creative and Career Sites

All responsive, all the time. High design with the user in mind. That’s our approach.
Wherever your candidates and employees go—and wherever you want them to go—we’re there ... with extraordinary digital creative and development, from full-blown career sites to smaller-format digital initiatives. 

Career sites generally are the most visited place on a company website. How well does yours work? With Recruit M you can expect engaging creative, intuitive navigation, and seamless back-end functionality. 

We’ll design, develop, and execute your ATS, targeted microsites, campaign and event landing pages, HTML email blasts, and then some.

ATS and Recruitment Marketing Platforms

To custom-build or to partner with third parties: That is the question. And we have the answer.
Our team of back-end developers will customize your ATS to funnel opportunities through filters and tracking systems to provide measurable totals. We’ll assess CRMs and Recruitment Marketing Platforms, to ensure that your candidates’ experience is positive and seamless, and that the pieces come together for you in the most productive way. 

You can trust the fact that we will always and only share informed, impartial and custom recommendations.

Extranets and Intranets

Streamline your processes with custom communication and resource portals.
You’ve collaborated with us to create a tremendous tool kit of resources and materials. Now let’s create user-friendly sites for your colleagues and others to interact, engage, and access whatever you might need. 

Communicate and access your recruitment marketing resources through a custom Extranet. We can take the site to a new level, too, and turn it into a tracking and order system that gives you visibility into tools usage and market outreach. And we can customize Intranets for ERPs, recruiter communications, and other internal interactions.
Sophisticated data-driven recruitment campaigns, that use A.I to reach and engage targeted candidate profiles across the web and mobile.
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