5 reasons why your brand needs to re-awaken storytelling

Muireann Beasley January 14, 2020 0 Comments

Storytelling is an important part of every culture. It’s a tradition that has been around forever. The concept of storytelling is something that as Irish people we’re not only proud of but we’re good at. Your brand is the story of your business. Emphasizing that story has unlimited benefits. If you have a marketing team chances are you have heard this term raise its head once or a hundred times.  Sit down and grab a biro, this is why your brand needs to re-awaken storytelling.


A brand story has the power to forge connections with customers and potential customers. If you’re a start up then an origin story is absolutely crucial. How are you going to appeal to the customer base? How are you going to differentiate yourself from the competition. Where are you from? What do you do? Why should I buy from you as opposed to someone else. Your brand story should aptly answer these questions.

2. Representation & affinity.

The underlying snag of sales is that people hate being sold to. We as customers like to be tricked into believing that we have come to a sales decision completely alone. We don’t want to feel influenced. But we love a good story. Think Google and two men in a garage, think Patagonia and 14 year old Yvon. It’s imperative to document your tale from the beginning, through the good times and the bad.

3. Competitive advantage.

A story derived connection can ultimately provide a key competitive advantage. We as consumers have a vast amount of choice available to us . It’s not often that a product really jumps out at us and compels us to purchase. If you have the chance to engage consumers and to make a noise that’s different to everyone else then you should do it.

4. Talent attraction.

Everyone wants to be a part of a great story. If you have an attractive and enticing narrative then talent is going to be more attracted to you. A powerful brand story can actually work wonders for talent acquisition. Use that tasty tale in your marketing strategy, scream it on social media and make it a center fold of your employer branding.

5. Focus.

A good brand story helps brands filter out ideas or upgrades that are not a match for the brand. Ever heard a marketer say that ‘something isn’t a right a fit for our brand’? Well a brand story ultimately provides a line of comparison. For example, if your brand grew from the brain of a young environmental activist are you going to collaborate with a fossil fuel extractor? Chances are the answer is no. A brand story gives your whole business a tone. Here’s some great brand stories to give you inspiration.


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