3 ways to prevent a hazard in your HR process

Muireann Beasley January 23, 2020 0 Comments

Hiring teams must always prepare for the ‘what if’ scenarios. Issues such as scheduling, candidate ghosting, technology glitches and all-round hiccups always raise their heads and HR need to be prepared. On occasion however, some issues are more extensive than others. Here’s 3 ways to prevent a hazard in your HR process.

1.Identify and work through passed challenges

Talent acquisition is already a challenge for the majority of companies according to Mercer Mettl’s 2019 state of talent acquisition report. This analysis only adds weight to the fact that one small mix up in the candidate journey could completely derail the HR process. In order to move forward and strategically plan for a mistake-free path, it’s important to look back and learn from the past. Encourage your HR team to sit down and identify why things have gone wrong previously in the candidate journey. Devising a strategy which includes a number of contingency plans is crucial for preparation. If you have a lapse in your candidate journey but you also have a go-to protocol then everything will be painless.

2. Survey employees to understand the real life experience within your hiring process

A recent survey by Career Builder has found that nearly 10 percent of people have left a company because of a poor hiring experience. Additionally, many candidates accept their job offer but don’t make it to the new hire phase because they go elsewhere. It’s therefore crucial that HR teams pave an easy streamlined path from application through to hire. It’s in the best interests of HR teams to conduct their own qualitative research and talk to current employees. Questions should be asked to staff like what was your least favorite aspect of the hiring process with this organisation. It’s equally as important to ask what their favorite part was so you can do more of the good stuff and less of the bad.

3.Teach your team best practices for hiring adversities

Complications in the hiring process are most easily preventable when teams are fully aware of ‘best practices in the event of’. Aligning everyday practices with a set of organisation standards is pivotal. These are conversations which have to be had when everything is running smoothly to ensure that there is a sense of calm in a crisis.

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