3 places where you should be building your employer brand

Muireann Beasley February 3, 2020 0 Comments

Employer branding ideas are vital for attracting and securing great talent. Businesses nationwide have started investing more and more money into their EB strategy. But where do you go when you’re ready to articulate the brand narrative that you’ve perfected? Let’s talk methods and platforms.


When Hubspot posted an Instagram captioned ‘How do you stay motivated after a bad campaign’, it received a lot of attention. The picture in itself was colorful and eye catching while the geo-tag was checked in at ‘my happy place’. The post was a call to action for followers to comment with their most positive tips for handling the fallout when that campaign just doesn’t go to plan. So how did this impact their employer branding I hear you ask? This post showcased how Hubspot are truly concerned with ‘re-motivating’ their employees when something goes awry as opposed to punishing them.The post oozed positivity and just had an all round feel good factor. While it’s positive as a standalone its also encouraged others to be positive. Sounds like the kind of company you’d like to work for right? That’s employer branding done well.

2. Content platforms

The main purpose of an inbound recruitment strategy is to get in front of the right people that would best suit your organisation through a useful and valuable content plan! Get blog happy. If you have 3 amazing Dev Ops managers who are happy at your organisation and seem to embody your company culture then write a blog about them. More importantly, publish it somewhere it will be seen by the right people. Think LinkedIn and think niche forums. You need to consider the type of content that’s really going to help you fill those harder roles and then you need to promote it strategically. Content is King. Repeat that mantra.

3. Glassdoor

Websites like Glassdoor are a great source of information about employers all over the world. The majority of potential employees are sure to look you up on Glassdoor to learn all about your company culture, pay, positions and current employee opinions. If you’re having a hard time finding the right candidates, get a listing on the Glassdoor website and encourage current employees to write authentic reviews about you. Naturally, there will sometimes be a comment that showcases a negative opinion or two on your organisation however these are great learning points. You can use these comments as suggestions to improve on. Hence, making your company an all round better place to work. You’re current employees are your most valuable resource when it comes to employer branding so listen to them.


These are just three of the mediums that you can use to articulate your great employer brand. There’s so many more too. At Recruit-M we advise and help various companies on their employer branding strategy. We know it’s hard to find great talent in this market but we also know what works. So why not get in touch with us? 

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