11 Recruiting Techniques You Need To Implement in 2019

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Every year there are more and more people entering the job market. In 2019 there are some things that you can change to make your recruiting techniques more useful. 

It’s an employee-driven market, in fact, 47 percent of employers and 46 percent of candidates believe so. That means, if you don’t stay on top of the trends then you could be easily be left behind.  

The candidates have the power, but with the 11 tips we’ve compiled will help you keep up with the best practices of 2019. 


1. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is combining marketing tactics to your recruitment. It’s so important that almost everything on this list can link back to this style. 

When you use recruitment marketing you should pull in your marketing team, they can point you in the direction of your target market. It’s all about nurturing and attracting the right candidates. 

A study done by Aptitude Research Partners shows that companies that use recruitment marketing are three times more likely to hire candidates that are above the quality they are looking for. 


2. Employer Branding

We know that in today’s day and age, branding is very common. Whether it’s the online reputation or cultivating relationships. Recruiting the perfect candidate is no different. 

Around 75 percent of job seekers look into the company’s reputation before they ever submit an application. This goes back to it being a candidate-driven market, they have more choices so they can pick and choose who they decide to work for.

If you don’t have a strong brand or they don’t like your brand, the qualifies ones simply won’t apply. Leaving you with the candidates that aren’t necessarily up to par.


3. Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate relationship management means maintaining a relationship with all of your qualified candidates. Hopefully, you have more people applying than you need to hire. 

In 2019 it’s even more important to cultivate these relationships, even if you don’t hire them this time – you will more than likely need to hire in the future. 

By making the people who have chosen to apply feel special, then you can keep that door open for the next time. After all, they have already decided that they want to work for you. It’s important not to blow anyone off, even after you fill the position it only takes a few mins to send an email to the other people who applied to thank them for their time. 

The better you get at doing this the less you will have to lean on the other tips we give you. As you keep cultivating, you will grow the pool of people that you have the ability to choose from. 


4. Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is when you use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to recruit candidates. 

This means more than just making a post on the companies page when you have a job opening. You can be using social media proactively to find the candidates to fill the openings that you have.

You should join groups and look for people who work for people who are already working for companies in the same industry. This is becoming more and more popular, 50 percent of companies are using Facebook to find qualified candidates

Along with the relationship management, you should be doing this even when you don’t have positions available. Getting people used to and interested in your brand will go a long way when you are ready to hire.


5. Automation Tools

There has been automation software around for a while now, but as technology has improved so have they. The biggest flaw when the applicant tracking system software and recruitment marketing software was separate was the speed at which people were getting responded to. 

By the time candidates received a reply, they had already lost interest. 

Now with both being offered in one software, the process is more streamlined. You can find, attract and manage candidates all in one place. 

The software will keep track of who has been mailed, when to follow up and in some cases if they are even opening up your emails.


6. Employee Referrals

One of the simplest recruiting techniques you can do is to put together an employee referral program. Give your current employees an incentive to bring you people who will fit into your company nicely.

We find the best way to do this is to give them a bonus after the person they brought in has been there for a sufficient amount of time – 3-6 months is the average for an employee referral program.

People hired through a referral typically take less time to hire and onboard. After all, your employees know more about how it is to work for your company than you do. Let them help to fill in the positions with people they feel can take them on. 


7. Talent Sourcing

When you talent source you are taking the time to get out there and engage with people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. 

A study was done by LinkedIn shows that while only 36 percent of the people who are qualified for a given job are looking – on the other hand, 90 percent of qualified people are open to hearing about job openings. 

On top of that, 66 percent of millennials say that they see themselves leaving their job by 2020.

You don’t want to miss out on all of that talent just because they aren’t currently seeking out a new job.


8. Collaborative Hiring

Get your HR department and the department that you are hiring involved in your recruiting techniques. This, in a nutshell, is what collaborative hiring is all about. 

The head of the department that’s hiring knows what they need and the HR department knows what the company needs. 

Having both parties involved with the whole process, not just the interview and onboarding, will lower your turnover rates.  This is because with both parties work together while implementing the recruiting techniques listed, you will have checks and balances. They make sure that the person you hire is actually a good fit for your company.


9. Be Authentic to Your Company

People spend so much time not in reality, between social media, reality tv shows and celebrity blogs, that they are starved for authenticity. If your brand appears genuine, it will draw prospects to it. 

Show them why you guys are the best choice and be yourself. If your company doesn’t have a modern culture then don’t advertise it. Even if you think that it would bring in the type of candidates you want, they are going to tuck and run as soon as they see it’s not true. 


10. Video Interviewing Tools

Using video interviewing tools can help you immensely in finding the right people for the roles you have open. When you’re hiring for multiple positions, it can be hard to schedule everything and get all of the interviews done. This is where video interviewing comes in handy.

There are a couple different ways you can use video tools to help you interview people. One of them is simply doing the interview over a video chat. That saves you and the candidates time. 

Another way video can be helpful to record your questions, the leave a break for them to respond. Using this method, you can get a lot of interviews done at the same time. 

This isn’t recruitment necessarily, but interviewing more people will help you find the best candidate for the position.  


11. Strategic Alignment

You want to make sure that your recruiting aligns with your overall strategy. If you know that you are growing and expanding then you need to start recruiting before you expand so much that it put tension on your current employees. 

Looking at your growth strategy you need to recruit based on where you foresee your company having holes. Sometimes you won’t see a hole until it is glaring you in the face, but if you have been following the other steps you should have relationships built with past candidates and you can quickly self-correct.


Recruiting Techniques Work in Tandem 

We know hiring isn’t one of the most fun things to do, but if you follow the recruiting techniques we’ve laid out then it should be relatively easy.

A lot of the techniques work together so to get the best result you should be using as many of them as you can. Doing so will also set up a safeguard for you, if one doesn’t pan out one month then you have the others to fall back on.

if you need more advice or want to let us know how well these tips worked for you, let us know

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